Habitation Breathwork Commission Francis Crick Institute Fallen The End Is A Distant Memory Slit series Heart Perfusion The Accidental Primate
Heart Perfusion The Body Is A Big Place, Kapelica heart perfusion The Body Is A Big Place, Dublin the body is a big place The Body Is A Big Place the life raft The Life Raft pass into nothingness Pass into nothingness Liquid Ground Milk
Head Cold Constipation Poisonous Sores Back Ache Ear Ache Rheumatic Pain Tooth Abscess
Biliousness Head Ache Thames Thames Exhale Untitled
(brain heart gut)
(heart lungs)
untitled (uterus urinary) Untitled
(uterus urinary)
Underneath Untitled Inhale Two Hands Untitled Love Letter Coupe du Monde
La Réunion Our Friday nights
came to this
Canal St Martin,
Series 1
Canal St Martin,
Series 2
Stanton Library
Foyer Project
Newtown Bin
Seep Smear Worth It Defence Exoskeleton Untitled Untitled
Metamorphosis Untitled